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We compare the popular plan F and G plans from the best companies

2017 Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas

Over 3.6 million Texans count on Medicare for basic health coverage. Of these, over half a million will count on 2017 Medigap plans to fill in coverage gaps left by Part A and B. It is never too early to begin comparing 2017 rates and plans to find a competitively priced solution that offers the best health benefits.

Do you need help finding and comparing Medicare supplement insurance plans for 2017? To get started, simply select Texas from the quote box, submit the form, and then click any offers that you are interested in. This is the easiest way we know to compare 2017 plans in Texas.

The Best 2017 Medicare Supplement Plans in Texas

As a large state with the second-largest population in the country, the Lone Star State offers Medicare beneficiaries lots of choices for Medicare supplement insurance. These are some of the largest companies:

  • United Healthcare
  • Humana
  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Mutal of Omaha
  • Antem Blue Cross Life and Insurance
  • Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • Colonial Penn Life Insurance

Keep in mind that all companies won’t market in every area, and they might also not offer all supplement plan choices in each market that they do work in. At the same time, three companies stand out because they’ve been very competitive with rates in most Texas areas. They also offer such advantages as discounts for spouses, great customer service, and a proven ability to pay claims.

These top three companies are Aetna Cigna and Mutual of Omaha. Not only do they offer competitive premiums, they market in most areas. These insurers also offer additional coverage that supplement buyers might need. This additional coverage might include Part D, accident insurance, and critical illness insurance.

What Else Should You Know About Texas Medicare Supplements in 2017?

As in most states, Texas offers standardized Medicare supplements. These range from Plan to Plan N. These are some quick notes about these standard plan levels:

  • Plan F and Plan C are the most comprehensive supplements, and they are also the most popular.
  • High deductible Plan F offers all of the benefits of Plan F after paying a yearly deductible.
  • Plan D and G are also considered sometimes as cheaper alternatives for Plan F and C.
  • Plans L through N are cost-sharing choices.

When you do a comparison with Medicare Advantage plans, you may want to note that supplements don’t rely on networks, so they may be accepted by more doctors. Though Medigap plans may reduce out-of-pocket costs, they do come with a monthly premium. In addition, you have to buy Part D with a supplement.

The cities in Texas with the most Medicare beneficiaries include:

  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Fort Worth

Companies are free to set their own prices for supplements, so it’s possible that quotes for the same supplement will vary by city. These larger markets may have more competition and offer a greater selection of companies. Other things that can impact choices could include age and in some cases, health.

Find the Lowest 2017 Rates for Medicare Supplements in Texas

Each supplement level has to offer exactly the same coverage, but insurers can set prices on their own. That means that it’s important to shop around for the company with competitive rates. Our online quote form makes it easy to see top providers in your Texas town or city. Just submit the form to get started.